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Cyber Security 4 Business have put together a number of Security Packages for small and medium sized business. These packages contain products and services that will provide your companies network with defence in depth against the malware, spam, advanced persistent threats and ransomware. Each package is provisioned by our highly experienced team and an account manager is always on hand to discuss any issues or concerns you have.

Web Filtering is deployed by default to ensure that your employees are always protected when they surf the Internet.

Each Package can be purchased separately or in combination with others, the Back-Up and DR packages in particular are very complimentary.

Using our security experience Cyber Security 4 Business has deployed Enterprise grade, site based products in the cloud – this enables us to offer to Small and Medium sized businesses superior products at highly competitive prices.

Cyber Security 4 Business is passionate about customer services so all support calls are answered by qualified engineers, there is no triaging and passing from "support desk to support desk".

The security of your business is as important to us as it is to you, and we are always on the end of the line to offer advice and support – feel free to call any time.

Call now on 0333 344 6501 and get a free consultation or contact us via the website »