Q: What is iboss APT?

APT is Advanced Persistent threat protection. This is a product that provides a whole bunch of services such as IDS [Intrusion Detection], IPS [Intrusion Prevention], Malware detection, Network Anomaly detection, blended AV scanning, along with Application and social media control.

Q: What is cloud?

Cloud pertains to systems or applications that are not located on your site, but hosted in a secure data centre. You use the services as if they were your own, but with much reduced overhead, and without having to consider ROI. It is basically PAYG [pay as you go with a contract term]

Q: What is cloud APT?

Essentially this is the service that we provide to you, we substantially reduce the risks to your corporate network by processing all inbound and outbound Internet traffic in our secure datacentre, thus the traffic that enters and leaves your network has been checked for threats, infections, malware, and much more. We do this in the cloud so you do not need to invest in the hardware to do this on your site or pay for costly support contracts and site visits to maintain equipment.

Q: How do I connect to the service?

For our standard plan, you would need your network administrator to configure a tunnel from your firewall/router to our cloud. Most network devices can be configured to do this.
For our Premier plan, we provide the Internet connection and firewall to you and remotely manage it. This is our preferred solution as we can then guarantee all traffic is processed and that there is not any traffic bypassing being processed by our service.

Q: What is the risk in using a cloud based product?

The highest risk to your internet connection is always what is known as the ‘last mile’ which is the connection into your office as this is where most faults occur. We process your traffic in and out of the internet in our datacentre which has resilient power and internet connections and redundant equipment ensuring a very high availability.

Q: Is my data safe in the cloud?

All customer data is protected and you have the option to use dual factor authentication in order to access reports and data.

Q: Can I have my own instance of the cloud?

Yes, we offer a premium service that can give you your own personalised virtual container, if you have a highly sensitive business and security is of the utmost concern, ask us about this option. The main advantage of this is you get control over what and how you block and detect threats. We usually only recommend this option for businesses that have fulltime Network Managers with experience in security.

Q: What happens when a threat is detected?

We stop malware before it can enter your network, a report on malware activity is usually provided along with other information. IN the case of a substantial threat being detected such as Crypto Locker, we will provide a priority alert to the specified contacts you list.

Q: Will this stop all threats and cyber risks to my business?

While we will tremendously reduce the risks, and provide very early warning of risks and block many attacks and malware. We cannot guarantee everything, for example many types of malware and threats are brought into your office by infected devices such as laptops, USB sticks etc. Our system will only pick this up when the malware tries to connect out to the internet for a command or callback, once we detect this we will then block it or you will be alerted.

It is not a matter of if you will be attacked or infected, but when… our system ensures the earliest possible detection of threats no matter where they originate.

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