Disaster Recovery

Cyber Security 4 Business provides Disaster Recovery as a service

All business need a Disaster Recovery (DR) plan but as the business grows and evolves does the DR keep up? Understanding these issues Cyber Security 4 Business became a Managed Provider of Infrascale as they have a totally flexible DR solution – Infrascale DRaaS.

With Infrascale DRaaS you decide how you want to deploy failover for your business as its delivered as a software, physical, or virtual appliance, with flexible cloud storage. Taking a cloud-centric approach to failover eliminates the expensive hardware and resources needed to scale disaster recovery for all your files and systems – give a lower Upfront cost and TCO.

Additionally, Cloud Spillover delivers a truly unlimited cloud so that you have on-demand storage capacity with pay as you grow pricing.

The Infrascale solution consists of:

  • Cloud Failover Appliance – backing up your onsite servers so that should your servers suffer a hardware failure or attack you can be back up and running in minutes!
  • Cloud Failover Service – your server backups encrypted and stored in the UK cloud, cloud boot your servers, download to a remote DR site.
  • FULL Disaster Recovery protection
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This package will ensure your Cyber Essentials plus and/or ISO27001 certification is covered. Contact Cyber Security 4 Business for an initial discussion or request a trial.

Complimentary Services

Additional services for our packages

Mobile Device Management. Secures all users, on any devices or platforms, on or off premises. Offers easy-to-use centralized management across mixed-mobile deployments. Prevents unapproved apps with granular application management.
Consolidates detailed reporting and dashboards across all mobile users whether on or off the network.
Eliminates blind spots by scanning mobile SSL/HTTPS traffic even when devices are off-premises.
Mobile Security. A small client is deployed to all mobile devices that forces all Internet traffic to the Cyber Security 4 Business iboss platform which then applies the company’s Internet polices on the traffic. Ensuring company supplied devices are only used for business purposes and increasing security by reducing the risk of exposure to unsafe sites on mobile devices.
E-mail Filtering. Cyber Security 4 Business offers a solution that is easily installed, easily managed and highly secure for your email. Deployed in minutes with a Spam Catch Rate of more than 99,9 % and a False Positive Rate near to zero the service protects against potentially dangerous contents (Script, i-frames, etc) utilising Multi layered anti-spam engine and Public and Local RBL Checks. SMTP Rejects and Delivery Information reporting.
Encryption Services – Priced individually.
Full Disk Encryption – encrypts only disks and partitions you want, transparent pre-boot security using FIP 140-2 validated 256 bit AES Encryption. Encryption may be started and managed remotely, Remote user-password recovery, Enhanced workstation screening prior to encryption including Safe Start Mode.
Removable Media Encryption - No extra space is reserved for encrypted content and the whole device capacity can be used by the user, Policy driven includes DESlock Go, on-device software for use on unlicensed systems, works with any USN drive, DV and DVD media.
File and Folder encryption – Encrypt only files and folders you want; All files moved to encrypted folder are encrypted immediately
Email Encryption. - Transparent email encryption for Outlook through a dedicated plug-in, the email can only be decrypted only by the recipients who share the same key as the sender. Text and clipboard encryption works with any e-mail client including webmail.
Secure Communication. Prevent electronic communication theft, and unauthorized copying, viewing, printing and storage of messages and documents. Using view-on-demand architecture, only one copy of each message and copy-protected document exists on a secure server with double layer military-grade encryption. Users never take possession of the data, so there is nothing to find on a lost device or to hack on a compromised device.
Communication Governance. A powerful enterprise content management tool for supervisory and regulatory compliance, communications risk management, e-discovery and automation of document retention policies. All of an organization’s electronic communications are managed using the strongest security available, high-speed access, comprehensive intelligent search functionality, a robust governance model, and tamper-proof regulatory compliance.
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