Advanced Threat Protection

Cyber Security 4 Business has deployed iboss Firesphere within a secure datacentre to offer a comprehensive managed service via the cloud.

iboss Firesphere: Four Areas of Expertise

DEPLOY - by enabling Firesphere in the cloud all 132,000 of your networks communication ports will be protected, this requires a tunnel to be established from your network to our DC, the technical deployment lead will have responsibility for ensuring the setup of the secure encrypted tunnel at a time that suits you and ensures no down time or loss of Internet.

MONITOR – the Cyber Security 4 Business team will provide continuous management of the deployment to all elements of the FireSphere defensive suite are attuned to your needs – blended AV scanning, behavioural Sandboxing – are there to work for you, not prevent you from working.

PREVENT – ring fencing of server activities enables immediate connection termination when data is identified as being at risk, prior to exfiltration. Firesphere identifies the most malicious malware, even if it is already inside your network

ALERT – networks are under attack, all the time from external and internal threats, eventually one will get through – unfortunately - but its how you deal with the breach that is important, FireSphere’s patented next-gen technology reduces data loss during an attack and provides containment technologies to ensure your data stays safe. The eSafety4sbusiness team will Alert you when a problem is revealed, giving you time to investigate and remedy before data loss occurs.

Firesphere benefits

  • Combines signatureless malware defense and infection detection at the gateway
  • Provides innovative network anomaly detection to identify evasive infections already on your network that are masking C&C communications
  • Employs global threat cloudsourcing to deliver in-depth investigative and forensic malware intelligence via the exclusive CISO Command Center and Threat Intelligence Cloud
  • Minimizes the time from infection to detection with continuous monitoring that delivers zero-second detection of malware hiding on your network
  • Provides unrivaled security for mobile and BYOD environments by quarantining high-risk devices and users
  • Easily scales to fit even the largest, distributed enterprise environments and is available as a standalone or will seamlessly integrate with any other security solution
  • Delivers full web stream APT defense with layer 7 visibility across all 131K data channels, not just ports 80 and 443
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