Web Security

Cyber Security 4 Business has deployed iboss Secure Web Gateway within a secure datacentre to offer a comprehensive managed service via the cloud.

Web Security: Four Areas of Expertise

DEPLOY - Each customer will receive a dedicated account manager and technical deployment lead, the Cyber Security 4 Business deployment process has been streamlined to ensure that there is no down time at all for the customer.

MONITOR - Monthly reports on usage highlighting pages denied and malware threats blocked are automatically sent to you.

PREVENT - Utilising the Secure Web Gateway for advanced Web Filtering Cyber Security 4 Business will pre build filtering policies suitable for your business and apply them seamlessly. All http and https traffic will be filtered and the companies Internet usage policy applied.

ALERT – the Cyber Security 4 Business support team will continuous reports and immediately contact customers when abuse of the Internet is spotted or unusual surfing patterns identified.

Why choose us?

  • Secure Web Gateway Benefits
  • Protects against advanced threats and prevents data loss with continuous monitoring of all inbound/outbound data channels
  • Stops port-evasive threats with granular application management
  • Delivers latency-free SSL protection with selective decryption
  • Secures your borderless network with advanced BYOD management and built-in mobile device management (MDM)
  • Ensures network availability with intelligent Bandwidth Management
  • Delivers unrivalled regulatory and policy enforcement with comprehensive reporting and live dashboards
  • Scales to fit the largest enterprises, with flexible deployment options to fit any network scenario
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